Old Meg 2


A setting of Keats' poem, Old Meg, she was a Gypsy. With a tiny bit of melodic plagiarism from Liszt.

When we two parted


A Romantic, passionate song by Byron.

My Heart is like a Singing Bird


A setting of a poem by Christina Rosetti written in the nineteenth century and very popular in anthologies.  For high voice. 

Let all the World


A setting of a well known hymn by George Herbert.  This is set in two parts for children.

Loveliest of Trees the Cherry Now


A famous a atmospheric poem by Lawrence Housman set for tenor.

My Mother said

solo song, soprano song

A setting of an old children's rhyme for soprano solo.

It is the Miller's daughter


A short song, words by Tennyson, from the long poem, 'The Miller's Daughter' for male voice.