Plaint for Oboe and Piano

Oboe, Piano

A sorrowful meditation for Oboe and Piano

Spring Flute

Piano, Flute, Instrumental

A short piece for flute and piano - evocative of Spring, perhaps.

Second Waltz for flute and piano

Instrumental, Piano

The second piano and flute waltz.

Interlude 1 for clarinet and piano

Clarinet, Piano, Instrumental

This is one of a number of short pieces for clarinet and piano which will be appearing.

Interlude for oboe, cello and piano

Oboe, Cello, Piano

A short trio for oboe, cello and piano. Time: 3 minutes 12 seconds



A short piece for piano.

Copyright David Pugh (

Early Dance

Piano, Harpsichord, Oboe

This can be played by any treble instruments and piano or keyboard.
Score and solo part £3.00

Psalm 150

Psalm, Piano

A setting of the Psalm for high voice and piano.


Waltz 1

Flute, Piano

The first of three concert waltzs for flute and piano.

Waltz Number Two

Flute, Piano, Waltz

The second of three waltzes - which begins with the 'Call to Arms'

Brisk March for Horn and Piano

French horn, Piano, march

A short march for French horn and piano played by Chris Fagg.