Instrumental Music

There is a wide variety of chamber music that will be posted for a time and then replaced. Some is for string quartet, some for piano and a range of traditonal instruments.

The piece that I am proudest of is an oboe sonata which takes about 15 minutes to perform. It was recorded - in my garden shed where all my equipment is housed - by John Anderson, Principal Oboe of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the English Chamber Orchestra. Most things I do are done electronically, using Garriton Personal Orchestra. To have a first rate professional play, albeit it with an electronic accompaniment, is, for me as an amateur, an experience of a totally different kind.

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Instrumental, Oboe, Piano,

String Quartet 12


A short string quartet (c4 mins) in the form of a Scherzo.  Suitable for very competent players.

Sonatina for String Quartet


A short piece (about 9 minutes) for two violins, viola and cello in five movements.

Horn Scherzo


Fifty nine seconds of fun for horn and piano.

Oboe Sonata MVTs 2. 3. 4.


Oboe played by John Anderson, a professional of tremendous ability and great renown.

Square Dance


A mock American Square Dance for B flat clarinet and keyboard.  Written for grandson Sami.

1st Invention


A short piano piece...



A gentle piece for French Horn with piano accompaniment.

Festival Fanfare


A celebratory piece for brass ensemble (two trumpets, french horn, trombone and tuba)

Short dance for Oboe and Harpsichord


In an approximately Baroque style

String Quartet (68)


A one mmovement piece.

Minuet and Trio - Haydn


This is an arrangement for recorder trio of a minuet and trio taken from one of Haydn's early symphonies.  If anybody knows the number I'd be very happy to be reminded of it.

A short march for horn and piano


This is played by Chris Fagg

Oboe Sonata

Oboe, Instrumental

The first of three movements of an Oboe Sonata played live by John Anderson, a friend of a friend. I was delighted to have it played by such a renowned professional player. He was a member of the Orchestre de la Swisse Romande at the the age of twenty. He is a main expositor of the Strauss Oboe concerto, has been principal oboist of the Royal Philharmonic and is principal oboist of the English Chamber Orchestra. He teaches at the Royal School of Music and is in great demand as a freelance performer. My great thanks go to him.

It is followed on this page by movements two and three.


Waltz 3 for Flute and Piano


The last of the three waltzes for flute and piano.

Spring Flute

Piano, Flute, Instrumental

A short piece for flute and piano - evocative of Spring, perhaps.

Second Waltz for flute and piano

Instrumental, Piano

The second piano and flute waltz.

Movement for Clarinet and Piano

Clarinet, Instrumental

A short perky piece for clarinet and piano.
Duration: 47 seconds

Interlude 1 for clarinet and piano

Clarinet, Piano, Instrumental

This is one of a number of short pieces for clarinet and piano which will be appearing.

Praeludium, Buxtehude

Instrumental, recorder ensemble

An organ piece by Buxtehude transcribed for recorder quartet. Sonority is added by the use of the great and contra great recorders to the bass line.

The piece takes 5 minutes and 35 seconds to play.

Two Step March for Brass Band

Brass Band, Instrumental

This is a first attempt at an unfamiliar medium, Hopefully, it will have its first live performance later in the year. Unfortunately the full range of instrumentation is too great to fit into the video slot - but it can all be heard!
Duration: 3mins. 40secs.

Recorder Sonata MVT 1


First movement of a short sonata for recorder (flute, violin, etc) and piano in the modern style.