Vocal, Church, School

An Easter song for Middle School pupils.


School, School Music

Another classroom ensemble piece.

Tip Toe Tango


A concert piece for middle years pupils. Although this is set out for string quartet and piano, it works equally well with just the top two lines and piano using any appropriate instruments.

Hoe Down

School, School ensemble

Another of the ensemble pieces for classroom orchestra.

This one features first/second time repeat bars.

La Volta

School, Percussion, School ensemble

Another short piece in the classroom music selection.

As music teachers will know, La Volta was a popular dance in sixteenth century high Elizabethan society. At different points in the progress of the dance, the male dancer would lift his partner as high in the air as he could.

Here is a replication of the spirit of the dance for youngsters in the middle years. The jump points are obvious and can be re-enforced with percussion.

The change in rhythm may not be quite authentic but is pretty natural.

Party Time Rock'n'Roll


Another piece for classroom ensemble.