All music in this section has been generated over the last forty years for 9 - 13 middle schools. There are a number of occasional pieces for school performance, starting with Tip Toe Tango, on this page.
The instrumentation for these varies. Tip Toe Tango is written for Treble Instruments 1 and 2 (violin. oboe, recorder etc.) of equal difficulty and Viola and Cello, rather easier. A piano accompaniment is necessary in all cases.

There are also pieces for classroom performance. All these pieces conform to the same orchestration:

a melody suitable for treble instruments, doubled on the piano
a glockenspiel part (hard beaters best)
two xylophone parts (soft beaters best)
a single line keyboard part doubled on the clarinet (optional
a percussion part (optional)
a piano part

The pieces can be performed by melody and piano accompaniment alone. The other elements of the instrumentation enhance the music but are not, strictly speaking, necessary.

There are seventeen classroom pieces altogether. Try the links below to get a flavour of both occasional and classroom music.

A score and set of parts is available at very reasonable prices. Parts may be copied by the purchasing organisation. If interested, return to home page to contact Allonsong.


School Music

Another classroom ensemble piece.

Tip Toe Tango

School Music, (4) Strings

A concert piece for middle years pupils. Although this is set out for string quartet and piano, it works equally well with just the top two lines and piano using any appropriate instruments.

Rainbow Rag

School Music

Although Rainbow Rag is orchestrated for recorder trio (descant, treble and tenor) and string quartet together with piano it will work quite happily with melody and piano.
It was first performed at Thetford (Suffolk) at the West Suffolk Schools' Music Association annual concert by Scaltback Middle School, Newmarket.

Ensemble for strings and flute

School Music, Flute, Strings

This is a short piece for middle years pupils who play strings, together with a solo flute. There is a piano part in case the instrumental parts are not complete. It is easy on the ear and features the scotch snap.